SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with El Casal & BCN Hungry Mamas

Sim and Char outside of El Casal.

Sim and Char outside of El Casal.

We are really honored to have you guys as our first SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ interviewees.  We are big fans!

So Sim, when did El Casal open and was your initial intention for it, what it eventually became?
With my brother Jules, we took over an existing business in July 2011. We wanted to give it our own slant. We wanted somewhere in Born, with a neighbourhood feel. The food concept was quality, home made food, at reasonable prices. That is what we created!

How did the direction of the business change when you guys had a child?
We know how priorities change as our responsibilities change!
When our little one was born, I decided to reduce my hours and work only Thursday - Saturday evenings (the restaurant is still open week days). This way we have more family time together. We also decided to start importing oysters from our home town in Normandy. They are fished on Tuesday morning and arrive in Barcelona Thursday morning every week! 

Alongside El Casal, Charmaine you also run a business that is up, running and thriving called BCN Hungry Mamas.  Can you tell us more!
BCN Hungry Mamas does two things….we host social events for mums and pregnant women and we deliver delicious, healthy food to your door. At the events you can meet a tribe of other likeminded to women, to share the journey of motherhood. And we can make sure you are well nourished at home, so you can concentrate on caring for your little one.

Why did you decide to start BCN Hungry Mamas?
I started BCN Hungry Mamas as I wanted to share healthy food and connect with other women here in Barcelona. Women who are starting families and raising kids away from their support networks of family. Talking to new mums, they all say they no longer have time to look after themselves or feed themselves properly after their baby was born. Hungry Mamas aim is to nourish new mums and connect them with other mums and share experiences!

Finally, do you have any combined advice for a parent wanting to start their own business here in Barcelona?
There are lots of start-ups here in Barcelona, so there is definite scope for new business to take off! Make sure you test the market to see if there is room for what you are proposing. It will take a lot of hard work to get a business off the ground, so persevere!

Well congratulations to the both of you.  Your achievements are really inspiring and we'll continue to watch the growth.
Visit the El Casal page here and Instagram here
Visit the BCN Hungry Mamas page here and Instagram here