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Valérie, Elisa & Théo

Valérie, Elisa & Théo

Valérie from Event Maker has been heavy on our radar since we launched in September. We have to say that she said seems to be a multi-faceted and multi-talented woman. She has recently launched her own company, and so we are interested to know more.

Tell us where you guys are from and what brought you to Barcelona
I am originally from France but after living in Ireland for 5 years and Madrid for 1 year I really needed to find what I came to Spain for which is the beach and enjoying spending time outside. When I was a kid, we would have one school trip per year and I would always chose to come to Barcelona so in a way it was always meant to be.

My husband is Italian and we met in Ireland. We have been in Barcelona since 2006, got married here in 2009 and we have now two children: Elisa 6 years old and Théo 22 months. So, as far as what brought me to Barcelona, I am not going to be original here but as for many of us: Sun & palm trees!" 

What is your professional background?
I have a professional degree in Business Administration and I have worked in different kinds of companies occupying different positions for the past 20 years. In Barcelona I have worked mainly in the tourism industry.

Valérie, can you list all the groups and projects that you have started since becoming a mother
When my daughter was born 6 years ago, I started the community for french speaking mums in Barcelona “Mamans à Barcelone” and have been actively managing it since then, creating a blog, facebook group and organizing regular events.

I am also part of the people who founded "La langue de molière" which is an association that gives french classes to french speaking kids who go to Catalan school, started in early 2017.

“Le Club des Entrepreneuses" is my newest project, started this year with 4 other women, this association aims to build a network of french speaking female entrepreneurs in spain. At the moment we organize a networking event each month.

That is seriously impressive. We particularly like the French classes for kids that go to Catalan school. We have actually been thinking about starting it for English speaking children and so we are really interested to know more?
This is a really interesting project which has been received very well by the french consulate and other french entities in Barcelona. This year we actually managed to receive 2 different subventions from the french government and we now have classes in 5 different districts of the city. We open new groups every year.

It was really important for me to find this kind of structure for my children as I have always wanted them to go to Catalan school but at the same time was always worried that they wouldn’t have a good level of writing and reading in French. When I found out that these types of classes didn’t exist, I knew that I had to do something about it. It actually took a long time until I found the person who could take on the project as it required someone full-time, but as soon as I did and teamed up with a few more like-minded people, it was set up in only a few months. Classes are very playful and always end up with songs. My daughter started going this year, as she just entered Primaria, and she loves it! I am so glad I manage to build this for her.

So tell us about your new business Event Maker and what you have coming up
So this year, when I came back from my second maternity leave and after 9 years in the company I was working for, I felt I needed a big change. I had been organizing workshops and events for a while with “Mamans à Barcelone” so I thought I could explore this area. That’s when I had the idea of the concept: why not help people organize their workshops?

So I left my job and launched my own company: Event Maker Barcelona. Well… it was not so easy as I make it sound!

The concept is helping people to organize and promote their workshop in the case that they don't know how to do it or maybe they don't want or don't have time (searching for the perfect space, managing inscriptions, etc). This year I also have organized other types of events such as the CreACTive Day last november.

I am at the moment working on my website so that it allows online ticket purchasing and people who already have a workshop running can use my website as a platform to promote and sell their event.

I will have more exciting news soon which will be, by the way, especially related to kids and families, so stay tuned!

Do you have any advice for those that are juggling a few things including family life?
This is actually something that I am struggling with at the moment because I thought that by leaving my day job I will have more time for my family and instead it has been the opposite… I think it has been my first mistake as a new entrepreneur.

I was so excited about everything and I took on many projects and ended up having less time for my family.

That’s why my resolution for 2019 is to take it a bit easier and try to filter a bit more the projects I will work on!
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