SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Florentine Kitchen Knives

Noam, Tomer and Lev

Noam, Tomer and Lev

We are really excited by this interview. Knives! It almost has an uncomfortable/negative connotation to it, but during our research on Florentine Kitchen Knives we have learnt how having quality knives in the home can change our daily experiences when it comes to feeding ourselves and our families.  

So, Noam and Tomer what brought you to Barcelona and what made you settle here?
NOAM: It’s kind of weird but Tomer never even visited Barcelona before we moved here from Israel in 2015. I spent a few months living here when I was younger and had fond memories of the city. My cousin also used to live here with her family so we had someone to help us set up. We were looking for a place with a good and respected food culture, somewhere central in Europe which is not too expensive to live in and that has nice weather so Barcelona pretty much checked all the boxes.

How did you get into this industry? What does someone even study to know how to design and make knives?
TOMER: I studied Product/Industrial Design which is a good thing to study if you want to know how to work hard, make nice things and learn about materials and processes - it doesn't really teach you anything about knives but like any school, it's supposed to teach you how to learn. Everything else I learned from doing it myself, watching YouTube videos or visiting factories and makers. I'm still learning every day, i'm not even close, feels like i'm finishing chapter one soon which is what makes this so interesting and challenging. Noam had a fashion business up until a year ago but the knife business was growing and she decided to join me.

Some people might automatically count themselves out of this conversation but the truth is that we all generally use knives on a daily basis. Can you explain the importance of having quality knives in the household?
NOAM: It's quite simple actually, imagine doing any of the things you do every day with a bad or just wrong tool? it's like brushing your hair with a toothbrush or brushing your teeth with a hairbrush (both disgusting and ineffective). The good news is that you don't really need more than 3 different knives, a chefs knife, a paring knife and a bread knife - and if you get good ones they would last you a lifetime. And if you take good care of them it would be cheaper in in the long run. It's just a different experience working with a good tool.

We know that you have your own workshop/retail store in the Raval. That’s a very good look! Is your aim to eventually be sold in retail stores across the board?
TOMER: That's not our aim with the current business model, we already sold in retails stores in many countries in the past when we were outsourcing some of our manufacturing. We still do that for large projects but it looks like we are in this for life so we want to grow differently and stay connected to where we are and eventually have our own factory that will supply parts for a few stores like the one we have here in other cities on the globe.

For those interested in purchasing knives for themselves or as a gift, what is the price bracket for a knife of this quality?
Noam: we make 3 knife models, a chef's knife is around 220-320 euros, a paring knife is 130-200 euros and a table knife is 85-115 euros.
The price depends on the style of the knife, the type of steel and finish and handle materials. We offer a lifetime guarantee and sharpening if free too so problem solved.

Finally what advice do you have for a parent/family wanting to start a business here in Barcelona?
TOMER: We are mainly exporters and web-based, but the obvious thing is that if you have a partner who is Catalan everything will go much better. You can also employ a lawyer or accountant, just make sure that they are willing to explain things to you and be active as opposed to just sit there and get paid. What I've learned here is that you need to push hard to get the best solution for you, every business is different and needs someone who understands the specifics of it.

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing the growth.
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