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12.11 Save the date

The production of the meeting point between child/family specialists and parents is in full effect. This event will be taking place on Saturday 19th January. More info to come.

10.11 SocialFam Business Directory

On the 1st and 15th of each month we will be updating the directory with new businesses.

02.11 Save the date

We are planning our Christmas gathering from Sunday 9th December. Put it in your season agenda. More info to come.

24.10 The SocialFam Business Directory

Check it out!
A growing directory of international families that own/co-own business here in Barcelona.
Contact us to submit your business.

20.10 ‘5 minutes’ Interview

Check out our 5 minute interviews with international folks living out their dream by running their own business in Barcelona. Let’s be inspired!

20.09 What is SocialFam?

SocialFam was created out of a very real necessity that so many of us have. We believe in the saying “it takes a Village”, and yet finding that Village can be tough. Not only do our families lack a balance between work, life, love and most importantly ourselves, but the pressure on a family unit that doesn’t have hands-on extended family support can be intense and overwhelming.

We are committed to creating a community -- a Village -- for international families. We would love for you to join us on this journey!