SocialFam Kids Club

Ages 3-7
Alongside SocialFam Parent Socials on 20th Oct, 3rd Nov and 17th Nov


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The SocialFam Kids Club is lead by Stephanie Ford of Bright Beginnings outdoor playgroup, which means the very best care as well as lots of fun and excitement for our little ones.  

20th October - El Born
3rd November - Parc de la Ciutadella
17th November - El Raval

5€ an hour (3 hours)

More info to come about the activities on each day.


Words from Steph
”Hi my name is Stephanie and I’ve been living in Barcelona for almost 10 years now and have loved every minute! I have dedicated over 15 years of my life to the growth and development of children in both the Unites States and here in Spain.  Seven years ago I started Bright Beginnings, an outdoor playgroup which was born out of the necessity for and alternative to the typical child care options that are currently available. Along with caring for the kiddos my goal has been to create a community with the families that are a part of the group. That is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be participating in this wonderful project SocialFam!”

My son absolutely adores Steffi. Her infinite patience, energy and resourcefulness never fails to amaze me - she always delivers quality time, good food and in a loving environment. I would never hesitate to trust Steffi with my child.
— Mondrey Sin (Former Bright Beginnings parent)
Stephanie Ford aka angel in disguise!
She has this grace about her that makes you and your child feel at ease. Her professionalism and teaching skills are second to none.
— Layla Larr, Yellow Bakery (Bright Beginnings parent)
Stephanie is a sort of mythological figure. Half athlete, half mother!
Every child becomes her child after being hugged and loved in that soft and welcoming embrace of hers.
She has the body, stregnth, energy, dertermination and speed of an athlete - all that she would need to chase after our children, but what is amazing is that she doesn’t need to. She has a special gift of knowing how to teach her children freedom and discipline and that one can never disregard the other.
She can do this better than any mother I have ever known.
— Daria Simeone, The Italian Wife (Bright Beginnings parent)