SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Little Fern cafe

Jay and Judit outside of Little Fern

Jay and Judit outside of Little Fern

Congratulations guys on a successful year so far. Little Fern has made a big splash in the foodie world. We are excited to share your story.

So Jay, where are you guys from and how did you choose Barcelona as your settling ground?

Firstly, thank you so much for your support. Jude is from Hungary and I am from New Zealand. Ten years ago, Jude spent a summer working in Barcelona and like many other people, fell for the city. A few years later we met and she introduced me to this wonderful place during a holiday. In the following years, we would come back for short holidays, usually on the way back to Budapest, each time becoming more familiar with the city. In the years prior to moving to Barcelona, we would always speak about starting a business there. When we made the decision to quit our careers it made sense that we move to Barcelona. We arrived on October 1st 2017, it was an interesting day to arrive that’s for sure…

We find it amazing how quickly Little Fern happened. Can you summarise the process for you guys up to now?
It definitely didn’t go exactly how we thought it would, but maybe that was a good thing. The plan was to find an apartment to rent somewhere in the city - by chance happened to be in Poblenou – and start planning. Concept, design, business plan etc etc etc. And try to find a location during all of that. We happened to find a completely run down local three weeks after arriving, which was much quicker than we expected, so at the time we hadn’t even started any plans whatsoever. One month of contract negotiations later we had the keys. From that moment, it hasn’t slowed down.

Wow, what a whirlwind! You really took risks along the way. We know that this is generally one of the traits to success. What else has it taken to get to the point of opening those doors on the first day?
We are both quite meticulous people so moving through a six-month renovation here took a lot of patience and we had to learn to accept that if we wanted to open the doors before the year 2050 and not go broke then we needed to adjust and not worry about every single detail too much. We’ll get to those little things one day haha…

So now you guys have a little one on the way. How does this change your approach or outlook to the business?
Yes indeed, we found out the day before we opened the doors too. It hasn’t changed our outlook or approach to the business (yet) but it definitely does make us realise that we need to free up our time sooner than later. Everything in life requires balance too, so we’ll need to try our best to maintain that with work and family life.

Do you have any advice for a parent or family wanting to start a business in Barcelona?
I think the same would apply in any other city. Plan as much as you can, work as hard as you can, and whatever you do, don’t give up.

Your achievements are really inspiring and we'll continue to watch the growth.
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