SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Little Yellow Daisy

Kim & Jasper

Kim & Jasper

Stefano, Jasper & Kim.

Stefano, Jasper & Kim.


Kim is a fully fledged painter from London and has been in the game for a while now.  We are eager to share her new project Little Yellow Daisy and to find out more about the journey of this beautiful family so far.

So where are you guys from and what brought you to Barcelona?

I am from London and Stefano is from Verona, Italy.  I moved to Barcelona around 11 years ago to study painting for a year and Stefano had moved over from France a couple of years before me. We met each other in the summer of 2006 at the Montjuic open air cinema through a lovely friend and I decided to move here the following year.  We got married after 9 years together and a couple of years later we welcomed our little boy Jasper who is now a curious 17 month old who delights and charms us everyday!

What are your backgrounds professionally? 

I studied stage design at Central Saint Martins in London and I later worked as a theatre design assistant before moving to Barcelona, where I started to paint.  Stefano is a computer engineer who runs his own company, Mosaic Factor.

We absolutely love your work.  Visually every piece sparks an emotion whether it be, joy, laughter, calmness.  With all of your creative talent, how did you decide that to be a painter was your calling?

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a painter.  Later, at art school, I chose to study theatre design with the idea that it incorporated a bit of everything (working with space, costumes, lighting....). However, eventually the love of painting just found it´s way back.  Painting challenges me in many ways.  It´s all about decisions, every stroke or mark I make is a decision.  This is good practise as I can be  indecisive at times. I plan all my paintings with sketches beforehand  so when faced with a blank canvas, I am rarely lost, quite the contrary - it´s truly the most exciting moment for me!   

Tell us about Little Yellow Daisy and how did you created that branch of your business.

I took a break from work to enjoy my first year of being a mummy.  Once Jasper started and was enjoying nursery I picked up my paintbrushes again to develop my series of  "Little Yellow Daisy" paintings.  They are whimsical customised portraits that are commissioned by people with their families,  their fluffy dogs, their favourite sister, their eccentric parents or just that person that brings the colours into their world.  I try my best to capture the essence of that person, as I think everyone has that special something. Little Yellow Daisy paintings started with a small piece that I had painted of Stefano and I which I used as our wedding invites.  Our guests loved it!  From this, I was asked if I could paint a few in the same style to give as birthday gifts. I really enjoy painting them as although they are not hyper realistic versions of them, I can definitely capture the essence of each person down to each little quirk. 

How have you found the juggle between business/family/kids? 

At times I feel like I have it all under control and at times it´s tricky! Jasper is now at an amazing public nursery that we are really happy with.  I use this time to get some work done in the studio and then I pick him up after lunch and can still enjoy the afternoon with him at the zoo, the park or on a playdate with friends - It´s a good balance.  When Jasper was 4 months old I started painting during the weekends as I had an exhibition for the spring that had already planned the year before. I was painting and taking breaks to breastfeed.  It was definitely a challenging time as I was exhausted from sleep deprivation and all the rest that comes with being a new mum but luckily Stefano is a real hands on dad so during busy periods like this, between us we have somehow managed.  Now I just make it a point occasionally to remind myself that it´s time to simplify life as I know this way we are always much happier. 

What is to come during 2019 for Little Yellow Daisy 

At the moment, Little Yellow Daisy has a few standard sizes and set formats, but I would like to introduce a couple of new sizes, some different subjects and possibly works on paper too. 

Thank you so much for joining us.  We look forward to seeing the growth.

Thank you! It´s been a pleasure! 
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