SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Oh Mother Barcelona

Lucy, George, Oscar & Sam

Lucy, George, Oscar & Sam


We are excited to be interviewing some of our family friends this time around.  
Lucie has been on our radar for a while now.  She has an interesting professional background and we look forward to seeing what she achieves this year.

For now, lets jump on her latest chapter, which is the podcast Oh Mother and find out a bit about her and her family's journey thus far!

So where are you guys from and what brought you to Barcelona?
George and I are both from Cambridge in Uk, we have been together forever, since 2002 when I was 18 years old! We have lived together in Leeds, Cambridge, East London and now Barcelona. In 2009 we travelled around the world and after that we couldn't settle back into London life, we had itchy feet! In 2011 we moved to Barcelona and never looked back!

What are your backgrounds professionally?
Woah thats a big question! We basically spent our 20s working in and around music events in Cambridge and London. We booked some of the world's best DJs to clubs and bars and ensured that there were queues down the street. I worked in event and venue management, PR and marketing and George is expert in curating music and the technical production of events. In Barcelona we have enjoyed a slower life with earlier nights!
George still makes music:, and has a record label where he sells music on tape cassettes (yes really!) and he also has a show on @radioprimaverasound starting 1st Feb 2019 called Radio In Disarray.

Lucie, what made you start your podcast? We love what you're doing with Oh Mother.  We find that we have learnt something during each episode.
Thank you! In summer 2018 I was looking for a new direction for my life, I was made redundant when pregnant with my first son in 2015 so I had been 'just a mum' for 3 years. I lacked confidence, hobbies and I definitely lacked a career! So I decided to go back to my original love... media production! I studied Media at University and radio production was my thing. I have listened to podcasts for years when I cook and clean (my mum used to listen to the radio so blame her) so as soon as I thought of making a podcast I got really excited! I couldn't put the idea down! It was, and still is, a passion project - I love radio production and I love chatting to mums! Listen here: or on iTunes or Spotify.

How have you found the juggle between having two kiddies and the passion/professional journey?
Omph! It is tough when they are so small, I'm hoping it gets easier when they are less dependent! Sam comes with me everywhere, he loves podcast meetings! Editing the podcast happens in naptimes and after bedtimes. I have a really supportive husband and last year my mum moved here too which is amazing!

Is the podcast a tool which will be alongside what you have to come? Fill us in on the vision.
My goal with the Oh Mother podcast has always been to learn from other mums and experts so that I can make better, informed decisions as a parent, sharing the information is a bonus! I am so happy people like it, I am still growing personally after becoming a mum so my vision is flexible but you can definitely expect to see lots of events and collaborations coming in the near future! My first project is Mama's Night Off - 24 hours away for busy Mums who need time for themselves - no kids, no alarms, no routine and a long night sleep! Check out all the info here:

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing the growth.
Visit the Oh Mother Barcelona page here, Instagram here and Facebook here