SocialFam ‘5 minutes’ with Pearlyn and Paper, Wedding Stationary

“Summer travels as four” Eugene, Pearlyn, Rey, Jude in Sevilla

“Summer travels as four”
Eugene, Pearlyn, Rey, Jude in Sevilla

It’s a pleasure to meet you guys. Pearlyn, your work is stunning and we look forward to sharing what you do at
Pearlyn and Paper with our network.

So, tell us where you guys are from, what brought you here to Barcelona and when and why Pearlyn and Paper began.
We are originally from Singapore but have been living abroad since we got married due to my husband's job.  We lived in Seoul, Korea for a while before moving to Barcelona. My husband has always been in the gaming industry.
Pearlyn and Paper begun in 2013 when a friend of mine had only 6 months until their wedding and was panicking because they didn't have the invitations designed and so, I stepped in to help and realised how much I enjoyed every bit of it. I proceeded to help design invitations for my other friends and finally my own wedding. I then realised I could do it full time. The great thing about it was that I could do it remotely so moving to where my husband was, was completely viable. 

Pearlyn, we see that you personally have 15,000 followers on Instagram.  Even more than your business!  Why are you so popular? What are we missing here?! lol 
I wonder myself! My feed is no longer what it looked like when I first started Instagram. It used to be about my work, now it has slowly been taken over by photos of my kids and family, therefore I recently decided to start a business account! My spunky, full of personality daughter, Rey I'm guessing, is the main reason why people follow me, ha! Some of it also has to do with different collaborations with brands where I have created prints for them.

How does having a family steer the business and have you found a formula to juggling it all?
One thing's for sure, you wonder where all the hours go in a day! It's always tough juggling being a wife, mom, home keeper and on top of that juggling a business! I have yet to find the formula to be honest. There are good days where you think you have it all under control, on schedule and then there are other days when you feel like you fall short of being all the different roles. You wonder if all the hard work is worth it.
Both of our kids are in childcare for half a day, which gives me a couple hours a day to get some serious work done. It also gives me some "me time" which helps me to gather the energy I need to power through the day! 

We assume that you sell more internationally than here in Barcelona.  How do you keep yourself present within the market? We are guessing that social media is the key?
Yes I do, I'm slowly breaking through the Spanish market, but I must say I still have a long way to go! For my business, it's social media for sure and word of mouth. The saying, don't stop what you are doing, even if it's for a short teeny while - That really helped me to pick up the pieces quickly when I went back to work.

Finally, do you have any advice for those starting up?
Keep it simple. I've always had an incredible vision in my head and I tend to overcomplicate it. It usually ends up still a dream in my head, or a product that nobody wants to buy. Start small but start, and through experiences, trials and errors you learn and develop into something better. 

Also, try looking for similar sized or like-minded companies to collaborate with. Overlapping clients always benefits each other. The product of two businesses can be really attractive. 

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing the growth.
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