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Charleen and Jeremy exploring local festivities in Malta

Charleen and Jeremy exploring local festivities in Malta

Welcome, Charleen and Jeremy! We are really interested to delve deeper into the success of your boutique travel website Travel & Lust and how you have gotten to this point.

So when did Travel & Lust begin? What was the original concept and has it changed at all since the start?
We initially started as a blog almost 5 years ago with the premise to publish content about boutique travel. The idea was to launch the blog to drive traffic to another project we had in mind. In the end, the blog evolved into a boutique travel website and we've been on one heck of a journey ever since.

We've seen your social media accounts referencing lots of wonderful places that you've visited. How do you monetise your business?
Good question! We are boutique travel enthusiasts that love culture. It's not about us, it's the experience. Our marketing experience has allowed us to capitalise on this further. We have worked on brand collaborations (Mahabis and JingTea) sponsored activities (Airbnb and Horizn Studios), worked as brand and marketing consultants for boutique hospitality brands (previous clients include DestinationBCN) and contribute content to other projects (World Atlas of Street Food). It goes much deeper than us having a nice breakfast snap on Instagram.

Now that you guys are about to be parents, how has that changed the course of the website? What’s to come?
I believe it has changed us in terms of how we define boutique travel for a different audience... families. Now we'll be more considerate about establishments that facilitate nanny services, a travel cot, children dining options and much more. We also intend to add a family category to our content for easy access and we have family-oriented content in our editorial plan. There are also a few great brand collaborations in works. With that said, watch this space!

For anyone that has recently started a blog, podcast or even business, from your professional experience what is key?
Planning and staying authentic is vital! What are you offering and why? What makes you different? Who are you talking or selling to? What are their needs? It's true that in order to be relevant in the market, you may need to be flexible and reactive in your approach to aspects of your business but planning is the foundation. It also helps connect the dots, align your business strategy and identify new opportunities.

We've maintained Travel & Lust as a side gig whilst working corporate jobs (crazy I know) and I believe this has helped us stay passionate about the website and services we offer.

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing the growth.
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